2012 - A Repertoire of Don Quixote Works Unveiling Mohsen

The show goes on the stage on December 25th in the City Hall Complex.
The play consists of parts of the earlier shows of the group (The Brave Mother and Her Children, the Little Prince, Galiver, Shahrzad, Pinnochio, Mollanasreddin, Don Quixote)

2011 - "Pinnochio 2" at Monoleev Festival

The sixth monologue of the summer Festival "Monoleev” takes the stage on September 9th. This monologue has been written and directed by Nasim Ahmadpour. The Festival ends with "Pinnochio 2" and its new season begins in autumn.
Actors: Ehsan Karami,Naz Shademan

2010 - Galiver Takes the Stage

Ali Asghar Dashti, the director and Nasim Ahmadpour, the writer and dramaturge, have begun rehearsing Galiver to be performed in the 29th international Fadjr Festival.

2009 - Mollanasreddin Takes the Stage

The play is written and directed by Ali asghar Dashri and dramaturged by Nasim Ahmadpour is going to be performed in the Molavi Hall in January.

2009 - Shahrzad on the Stage

The theater group Don Quixote is preparing its newest show under the name "Shahrzad" for the international 28th Fadjr Festival.
"Shahrzad" is based on " The Thousands and One Nights". Ali Asghar Dashti as the director and Nasim Ahmadpour as the writer contributed to this project.

2008 - Don Quixote Performs "Pinnochio" in Germany

Don Quixote attends "the white Nights" Festival of Ruhr Theatre along with 5 other Iranian theatre groups. Pinocchio goes on the stage on September 5th, 2008 in Ruhr Theatre Hall.
Having watched Pinnochio in Fadjr Festival in Iran, Roberto Ciulli, the manager and director of Ruhr Theatre selected it to be performed at the White Nights Festival.
Directors: Nasim Ahmadpour, Ali Asghar Dashti
Dramaturg: Nasim Ahmadpour

2007 - Pinnochio on the Stage

"Pinnochio", written and dramaturged by Nasim Ahmadpour and directed by Ali Asghar Dashti and Nasim Ahmadpour, goes on the stage in the City  Hall Complex this Sunday (June 10th).        It is based on the famous novel "Pinnochio", which was written by the Italian author "Carlo Clody".

2005 - "Don Quixote" Goes to Spain

The play "Don Quixote" directed by Ali Asghar Dashti is going to be performed in Spain at the Asian Festival (September 29th-October 9th).
This festival is organized by the "Spain’s Asian House" and takes place every year in Madrid and Barcelona.
"Don Quixote" was selected by the Asian Festival officials owing to its relation to the 400th anniversary of the first publication of Don Quixote, the greatest masterpiece of Spanish literature. The Theater Group Don Quixote is going to celebrate this occasion before each of the shows.
"Don Quixote",which is mainly based on the Iranian dramatic techniques, attended the 23th Fadjr Festivel in Iran and took the stage in the City Hall Complex afterwards, where it was greatly welcome by the audience.

2004 - Coffee-Shop Interior Night

"Coffee-Shop Interior Night" written by Ali Asghar Dashti takes the stage in October 24th.
The play is based on "Love Hospital" written by late Ali Hatami which has been rewritten by Mehdi Mir Mohammadi, Yunes Lotfi and Ali Asghar Dashti.
The drama has a contemporary atmosphere and everything happens in a Cafe that belongs to a woman. On a rainy night she meets some people who have to spend the night in the cafe due to their severe conditions...